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Dog Boarding


Koliako's Boarding Kennel offers complete dog boarding services for both short and long term guests. Each dog will have an individual run complete with climate controlled indoor and covered outside sections.

       Rates:  One dog      $25.00 a night plus GST    

                  Two Dogs    $47.00 a night plus GST needing their own space $50.00 plus GST                      

                  Three Dogs  $72.00 a night plus GST  Needing their own space $75.00 plus GST                          

Please note :  Multiple dogs from one household requiring more than one area during long weekends, summer months and Statutory holidays will be charged full rate prices per area.

       Hours are 9-11am and 4:30-6:30pm for both drop off and pick up times with Check out on you dogs last day stay past 11am becomes another nightly rate charge.


If your pet need medication please inform me at the time of booking . There is an extra charge but prices vary depending on what needs to be given.

Booking for Statutory holidays requires an non- refundable $50.00 one week prior to the holiday Via E transfer to hold your spot. 

Drop off and pick up times vary on Statuary Holidays and charges apply for pm pick ups.


  • Vaccination records (must be up to date)

  • Food – Write Dogs name  clearly on food bag / container.  (Pack a little more than necessary in case your dog unexpectedly needs to stay longer than anticipated)

  • Bed or blanket for your dog to sleep on.

  • Collar/Leash.

  • The required vaccines are:   Distemper/Parvo (DAPP)

  • We have water and food dishes so no need to bring those 

  • We do accept raw food (we have a fridge and freezer)

  • Please feel free to bring anything you feel that would make your pet feel comfortable.

For an application form and waiver please email me at 

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